29 December 2009

The Third Man - Gatehouse update

So, I've got another post up on Cinema is Cinema proper. This one is all about The Third Man, my favourite film noir. Here's a sample:
The Third Man comes forth as a collaboration of so many greats. Of course, I have to give plenty of credit to [Graham] Greene. It is his writing that, in my opinion, helps set this film apart from other films noir, for the mysteries and themes are complex and deeply woven in the expertly crafted story. Yes, I love film noir for its shadowy aesthetics and ambiguous morality, but that is precisely because it reflects the dark, complex storytelling. Well, sometimes. Not all films noir are the greatest examples of masterful storytelling. I still love it for its look, drama, and suspense, but all those things are heightened to pure excellence when portrayed through a script by a skilled writer like Greene. I cannot state enough how much this makes The Third Man an absolute favourite for me.

Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release of the tenth issue of the Gatehouse Gazette, which I believe is going to occur on New Year's Day. I've got a review of the Nintendo DS game Nostalgia in it, and there are numerous other wonderful features in store!

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